Taking it to the Healthcare Limit

By Scott K. Cleland, Director, Product Marketing

I spent time with a great customer in the University healthcare and hospital field this week and was floored with the complexity, pain and struggles with balancing application delivery, performance and availability for 2 entirely different constituents.

On one hand, they serve the students and faculty (nearly 12,000 users) to provide application services (via PeopleSoft) for everything associated with learning, enrollment and the business of education and on the other hand they serve the hospitals with critical patient care applications (Epic and Allscripts) and other critical medical services.

This creates a complex IT infrastructure strategy, including active-active metro data centers that, prior to engagement with Virtual Instruments, was wrought with time-consuming problem investigation and unacceptably long resolution projects.

The first engagement was a professional services Infrastructure Performance Assessment (IPA) that identified a Converged Network Adapter (CNA) mismatch causing application delivery performances issues across the metro data center.  This problem was months in the making and took only hours to discover and resolve with VirtualWisdom.

Long story, short.  The organization has fully integrated Virtual Instruments products, from performance probes to analytic appliances and communicate the results into war rooms and hallway success stories.  VirtualWisdom has become the source of truth to their IT and the source of freedom for the IT teams who use it daily to keep their students and faculty up and running along with serving the greater good for patients and doctors who depend on the infrastructure behind the medicine.

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