Taking IPM and enterprise IT insights one step further with VirtualWisdom4.4

By Raj Patel, Sr. Director, Corporate and Field Marketing

We want our customers to know one thing: we hear you. We heard you when you said it would be helpful to tighten the integration between IPM and storage performance analytics (hence our recent company news), and we’re hearing you now. You’re IT leaders – you work to to optimize your technology, make on-the-fly adjustments, monitor and maintain performance, and make quick decisions. The success of the company as a whole relies on efficiently delivering mission-critical workloads without sacrificing quality of end-user experience, so the pressure is on. If only you had a way to tackle all of these issues in one fell swoop.

Enter VirtualWisdom4.4. We came, we listened, and we continually improve.

Aside from the ever-present goal of enabling our customers to expertly manage their IT operations and infrastructure, we’re addressing speed, integration and efficiency with our latest platform updates, which include:

  • A seasonal trend advisor that learns from business patterns occurring during a time frame of your choice: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly or periodically.
  • A VM deployment advisor that maintains performance and provides a balanced environment by identifying the best host and cluster for each VM.
  • A new platform appliance that ingests, correlates and analyzes more data faster and more accurately than any other monitoring solution.
  • Reporting enhancements and notifications, including industry best practices embedded into preconfigured report templates and scheduled reports.
  • ServiceNow Integration, which allows two-way integration and bidirectional synchronization as cases are opened and closed.
  • Data Export to Load DynamiX Enterprise – The ability to export VirtualWisdom I/O workload metrics for use in the Load DynamiX Enterprise platform for workload analysis, modeling and load generation.


These platform update comes from listening to you. Your enterprise faces continually shifting and evolving performance standards. Now, VirtualWisdom lets you make quicker, easier tuning adjustments through data-informed predictions; maintain balance in production environments; and manage and report on 50 percent more of your environment to support informed decision-making. With every improvement, we’re bridging the gap between enterprise IT teams and complex workload performance challenges.

As we continue to give your IT department the control and assurances to effectively support digital businesses, we’ll continue to take your feedback and turn it into valuable insights that help you build a transparent, manageable and reliable IT environment.

Questions, concerns, feedback? We want to hear more from you. Drop us a line.