Testing object storage performance proves to be latency-prone

Marc Staimer of Dragon Slayer Consulting published a very useful, short primer on object storage use cases.

cloud_technologyOne of the points he makes is that object storage can be latency-prone. Of course, there are quite a few advantages of object, but performance isn’t one of them. Still, we have customers who are using Load DynamiX for testing the performance of object storage for their production applications. Candidly, some of them have disqualified some solutions due to performance issues.

You might be one of those engineers or architects who seek the low cost, scalability, and resilience of object storage. If so, consider testing the performance in your lab, or your vendor’s lab, with Load DynamiX Enterprise. We can help you to model your workloads and figure out the throughput and latency you can expect in a production environment. We’re particularly good at emulating metadata, which as Marc points out, is a huge component of object protocols.

Today, we support the most common object protocols, including Amazon S3, OpenStack Swift, SNIA CDMI, and HTTP/S. Check out this page for more details.

Jim Bahn
Senior Director, Marketing