US Air Force uses Virtual Instruments to boost IT savings, efficiency

By Raj Patel, Sr. Director of Corporate and Field Marketing

The motivation for everything we do at Virtual Instruments is equipping IT administrators and teams focused on digital business performance with the insights they need to make confident data-informed decisions about configurations, workloads and investments related to infrastructure. The better the insights these pros have into performance, the better IT teams can comprehensively manage system environments.

So when the United States Air Force (USAF) sought ways to execute significant upgrades to the IT infrastructure at one of its area processing units (APC), it turned to Virtual Instruments to identify precisely what was needed. Virtual Instruments’ critical infrastructure audit (CIA) uncovered a number of inefficiencies and areas for improvement that eventually saved the USAF more than $100 million in anticipated upgrades and infrastructure investments. The project didn’t just save the Air Force a massive investment and make an IT infrastructure critical to national security more efficient; our work earned a Value Engineering Award from the U.S. Department of Defense for fiscal year 2014.

The USAF unequivocally requires an always-on, future-ready IT infrastructure that delivers absolutely predictable performance and availability. With our CIA, the Air Force received unparalleled insight into the health, utilization and performance of its IT infrastructure, uncovering the answers to pervasive IT challenges and questions about which direction to head next. The data and processes managed by the USAF’s infrastructure are critical to national security and the strength of the nation’s military. A more efficient IT ecosystem optimized for performance means the organization can cut costs and streamline operations while confidently managing and eliminating risk.

It’s not uncommon for IT departments, whether they’re in government organizations or private companies, to spend significantly on new infrastructure to bring in the newest, most advanced technology. Many organizations feel like the latest and greatest offerings are bound to be the best possible options for their demanding workloads. Rarely, though, is a complete overhaul necessary. With Virtual Instruments’ CIA, the Air Force successfully made adjustments to its infrastructure that improved performance and reliability, without the upgrades its IT decision-makers initially anticipated.

While the Air Force’s infrastructure is operating on an extreme standard, the expectation of optimizing performance while pursuing cost optimization is one that enterprises and agencies around the world can relate to. Our CIA helps IT operators, performance teams and budget holders obtain and act upon the authoritative insights they need to make confident decisions for crucial enhancements, without unnecessarily allocating IT budget in the process.

A critical infrastructure audit is just the first step to optimizing your IT system. Request a demo from Virtual Instruments to see what infrastructure performance management can do for you.