Virtual Instruments Extends Cisco Integration to AppDynamics: What it Means

By Len Rosenthal, CMO

Last October we announced a game-changing partnership with Cisco to dramatically simplify and lower the cost of storage network performance monitoring, and today we’ve taken the partnership a step further with the release of the latest version of our App-centric Infrastructure Performance Management platform, VirtualWisdom 5.6. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the most notable elements of today’s announcement, and what they mean for our customers.

The big news is that we’ve announced the availability of integrations with not only Cisco SAN Telemetry Streaming but also AppDynamics’ application intelligence platform. The new capabilities allow VirtualWisdom and AppDynamics to share a common view of the infrastructure supporting business applications, enabling a collective understanding of application topology. VirtualWisdom 5.6 delivers on the first phase of integration with AppDynamics by discovering applications from the AppDynamics controller and providing visibility into the application through the SAN fabric down to the storage LUN. This enables shared context and understanding of how the infrastructure supports application SLAs, resulting in accelerated problem resolution. VirtualWisdom can also detect applications using ServiceNow, SSH/WMI, and through the analysis of NetFlow from physical routers/switches and the VMware vSphere Distributed Switch.

Meanwhile, the new version of VirtualWisdom enables Cisco customers to find and resolve infrastructure issues before they can impact application service levels – and it does this by applying machine learning to determine root cause and recommending remedies and configuration optimizations to proactively resolve problems. In addition, the integration between VirtualWisdom and the SAN Telemetry Streaming facilities of Cisco’s MDS 9700 32G Module, along with the entire Cisco MDS 32GB portfolio, enables holistic visibility into Fibre Channel SAN Fabrics. Furthermore, the integration of Cisco SAN Telemetry Streaming with VirtualWisdom eliminates the need to deploy physical network TAPs and probes. Through the capabilities delivered by the integration, Virtual Instruments, Cisco and AppDynamics help ensure the highest availability and performance of business-critical applications.

Here’s what Carla Lambrecht, assistant vice president at Enterprise Holdings, Inc. – one of our key customers – had to say about the new integrations delivered by the latest version of VirtualWisdom:

“Virtual Instruments and Cisco working together so closely is having a dramatic impact on our infrastructure deployment and performance monitoring strategies. The new VirtualWisdom/Cisco integration enables us to holistically assess the impact of shared infrastructure on application performance. We view this integration as being fundamental to our application performance and availability goals.”

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