Virtual Instruments Partner Program earns listing in CRN Cloud Partner Guide

By John Gentry, Vice President of Marketing and Alliances

Technology partnerships help IT vendors reach wider audiences across all industries to best serve end customers. At Virtual Instruments, we recognized the value of enabling our partner ecosystem with an authoritative analytics platform for infrastructure performance management that drives strategic value for our partners as well as their end customers—in every industry—a true win-win. Our partners deliver business-critical infrastructure performance management (IPM) solutions to enterprise environments around the globe, and help their IT teams learn exactly how much more performance and value they can get from their infrastructures.

Achieving true vendor-neutral end-to-end visibility across application infrastructures and transforming complex data into answers that help solve the most perplexing IT challenges is what we want for every VirtualWisdom user—so that they can keep their teams focused on driving business innovation and growth. Partnerships are a huge part of our ability to deliver on that goal.

Because we’re focused on quality partnerships with globally known OEMs, solution providers and systems integrators, we’ve earned inclusion in the 2015 CRN Cloud Computing Partner Program Guide. Companies in the CRN guide must have “a unique set of partner program benefits for solution providers that deliver infrastructure or applications.”

Working with solution providers to bring our industry-leading analytics platform for IPM to more companies isn’t just about making IT infrastructures more efficient. It’s about giving teams the unbiased answers and insights they need to expertly manage perpetual complexity so they can regain control of their technology decisions and investments. It’s about helping them shift from reactive to proactive so that they can deliver strategically impactful outcomes to the business. We’re happy to say that this happens with our partners and their customers every day.

The cloud is a significant focus of our partnership and channel activity, and our program ensures that cloud providers can guarantee maximum performance, and deliver workload-specific SLAs while minimizing risk. Our partnerships aren’t just about the cloud, though. Comprehensive visibility means we’re delivering performance to private and hybrid clouds as well.

Inclusion in CRN’s Cloud Computing Partner Guide for 2015 means we’re doing something right with and for our partners. There’s more to come – more partners, more benefits and more answers to the biggest challenges IT departments face. Stay tuned!

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