What solution providers should look for in a vendor

Douglas Smith –

Virtual Instruments was honored recently by CRN as a 2013 Emerging Vendor. As CRN put it “it’s not all about the technology… the vendors on this list know the value of a good partnership and have a serious commitment to the channel.” We think that describes Virtual Instruments to a tee.

But with so many new vendors and new segments emerging in tech, how do you pick the right vendor to accelerate your business? Here are a few things a Solution Provider should be looking for.

1) Does the vendor complement your existing product and services offering?

This can be tough. Merely adding a vendor that competes with existing offerings often does not yield additional revenues and may stress old relationships. Yet moving too far away from your existing offering can often mean expensive retooling or adding personnel with new skill sets.

2) Are they the leader in their segment?

Solution Providers and their customers are looking for vendors who have a proven technology and continue to make investments that will extend their lead. Also they look for an experienced management team that they can bet on.

3) Are there superior margins to be made? On both product and services.

From channel discounting to program benefits to ease of doing business, at the end Solution Providers are looking for vendor relationships at are profitable. Solution Providers should look for vendors that understand channel economics and have built their Go-To-Market strategy with partners in mind.

For Solution Providers focused on storage, networking, and servers in the enterprise space, Virtual Instruments is a great addition. Our products and services truly complement and strengthen storage, networking and server practices. We are leading the way with our Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) platform and have an experienced management team headed up by John W. Thompson. And, we have built our Go-To-Market strategy from the ground up with the partner in mind. If you’re interested in learning more go to

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