Your Marching Orders are “Move to the Cloud ASAP!” Now What?

By Rick Haggart, Senior VP Professional Services

Cloud Migration Readiness BannerYou’ve been asked to migrate your existing apps to the cloud.  But you’ve got happy users; users who expect a certain level of app availability and performance.  Your current staff may not have a lot of experience with running in the cloud, and there are a lot of unanswered questions.  Relax (a little), call VI.  We can help.  On June 27th 2018, we began deploying our Cloud Migration Readiness (CMR) Service.

You probably have plenty of questions about migrating, such as:

  • How do you know which workloads to migrate and which to retain in the data center?
  • How do you choose the best cloud service providers for your applications?
  • How do you simplify the analysis and reduce the time to migrate a large number of diverse workloads?
  • How do you select the optimal CPU, memory, network and storage configuration for each migrated workload rather than simply replicating my on-premise configurations?
  • How do you test cloud workload performance before migrating the workloads?
  • How do you prevent migrated workloads from having unforeseen dependencies back to the data center?
  • How do you determine if migrated workloads are performing adequately and what can you do if they aren’t?

Our CMR experts will help de-risk and optimize your cloud migration by validating the suitability of the targeted applications based on their on-premises performance SLAs, their dependencies, right-sizing the cloud configuration based on cost and performance, and estimating post-migration cloud costs – all before migrating your actual applications to the cloud.

Our CMR Service leverages decades of experience helping the largest Global 1000 IT enterprises with performance, availability and optimization of their critical workloads. This experience combined with our advanced performance monitoring and analytics tools enables VI to provide a much more accurate workload profile than alternative methods which result in replicating on-premise configurations and lead to over-provisioned (expensive) cloud implementations.  And we can even help monitor your app performance once the migration takes place.

To learn about CMR, go to this site, or email