Fibre Channel


The WorkloadWisdom Fibre Channel test and validation platform includes a full-featured FC initiator, which is essential for system level validation of block level storage as well as storage networking environments.

The solution has the ability to drive FC traffic at line rate on every port at 16/8/4G speeds. FC protocol support includes connectivity either directly to FC targets, as well as to FC SAN switches. Targets are automatically discovered and presented to the user.

A rich suite of SCSI commands is presented for detailed system level testing. This suite covers the entire set of mandatory SCSI commands for disk. Commands specified to the user are injected directly at the SCSI layer, ensuring unparalleled performance, repeatability and scalability.


Performance Engineering Solution

Simplify testing processes and accelerate the release of new products.

Fibre Channel Transport
  • FC switch connectivity support (FC-SW)
  • FC direct and loop target connectivity support (FC-P2P and FC-AL)
  • NPIV for up to 250 logins/port
  • Packet capture and decode, reporting, graphing and statistics

SCSI Commands
  • Fine grain control over data traffic at the SCSI level
  • No OS or other optimizations ensures that exact SCSI workloads can be replicated
  • Comprehensive command set for SCSI Primary Commands (SPC), SCSI Block Commands (SBC) and SCSI Streaming Commands (SSC)
  • Direct transmission from SCSI layer (no OS interference)
  • Detailed SCSI graphs and statistics

SCSI Workloads
  •  Specify FC level actions as well as SCSI level actions in the same test scenario
  • Mix and match actions and scenarios and vary load profiles to create different traffic and load patterns
  • Detailed statistics and graphs that report SCSI actions, errors, data sent/received, etc.
  • Workload support for emulating standard test tools like IOmeter, via the automation API
  • The automation API allows for complex scripting to achieve virtually any task needed with the protocol commands supported

Data Integrity
  • Data verification support that validates the integrity of data written to LUNs
  • Per initiator, target LUN, offset and byte level error reporting

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Fibre Channel Testing

“We never could have reproduced the customer’s workload, at such scale, without the help of WorkloadWisdom.”

– Brian Hudson, Sales Engineer at GE