Avoid IT Performance & Availability Problems

Make the best decision with real-time performance data

Data-intensive electronic medical records (EMR) and healthcare information systems are driving up storage requirements for healthcare organizations. With limited visibility into storage I/O performance, healthcare IT managers face a significant challenge maintaining the performance and availability of EMR applications from providers such as Epic, Cerner, Siemens, GE, and McKesson.

Virtual Instruments is helping hospitals and clinics address these issues with VirtualWisdom and WorkloadWisdom. These award-winning App-centric Infrastructure Performance Management solutions monitor, measure, test, and analyze physical and virtual environments (servers, NAS, SANs and storage).

The Virtual Instruments solutions improve performance, availability and utilization of the IT infrastructure. We address regulatory compliance by ensuring that healthcare organizations have instant and uninterrupted access to the data they need to provide quality patient care.

Treating Patients with Answers, not Data

Every day, dozens of healthcare IT organizations use Virtual Instruments to guarantee performance and availability of their critical infrastructure and applications and align performance requirements to deployment decisions. Here are some of the benefits they realize:

  • Proactively identify and address infrastructure problems before they affect clinical workflow
  • Eliminate the risk of unplanned outages and performance slow-downs when virtualizing healthcare systems
  • Improve application performance to ensure fast, reliable access to medical records
  • Maintain and prove SLA Compliance for Joint Commission audits and HIPPA regulations
  • Optimize NAS, SAN, server and storage port utilization to avoid unnecessary purchases; divert 50% cost savings to fund strategic healthcare initiatives
  • Reduce trouble tickets by up to 80%; direct cost savings to patient care initiatives

Many healthcare organizations are struggling to implement innovative technologies like EMR that directly impact the quality of patient care due to costly, complex virtualized infrastructures that require significant resources to maintain. Virtual Instruments ability to monitor, report, trend and diagnose performance and availability issues from the application level to the storage arrays in a reliable and scalable way is essential for healthcare IT managers responsible for the infrastructure that maintains clinical workflow, access to patient data and the overall delivery of quality care.

For more info, watch UTHealth Case Study, read customer stories from JPS Health Network, CGH Medical Center, and New York Presbyterian Hospital.