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Why App-centric Infrastructure Performance Management?

App-centric IPM is about managing the infrastructure for the express purpose of ensuring application performance and availability. There are several principles of App-centric IPM, but the central requirement is that the IPM solution must understand the application. There are three core requirements to look for:

  1. Knowing where the applications live: Understand which application services are deployed on which infrastructure services – essentially, having a map of the data center infrastructure in relation to each application.
  2. Understanding the business context of the applications: Knowing which applications are more valuable than others to the business and what relative service levels are expected. This is particularly important because applications of varying business criticality are often sharing common infrastructure services.
  3. Understanding the application behavior and the way it stresses or is about to stress the infrastructure is critical to proactive performance management.

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Why Virtual Instruments is the best app-centric IPM


Traditional management tools:

  • Are focused on capacity, utilization, and management of individual physical components.
  • Can’t correlate across the different infrastructure components and vendors.
  • Don’t view the infrastructure in the context of the application
  • Are reactive to problems, not proactively used to prevent problems.