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Virtual Instruments Launches VirtualWisdom4.1

Virtual Instruments launched the first update to its fourth-generation VirtualWisdom solution. The new VirtualWisdom4.1 features an advanced applied analytics module and provides users with an enhanced dynamic user-interface, reporting and analytics tools. Its entity-centric user interface, which logically groups system-wide resources, physical devices or applications, has also been further developed.

With the goal of turning data into useful, usable answers, Virtual Instruments has further enhanced the platform with analytics capabilities based on insights gained from working directly with their portfolio of global enterprise clients when optimising their infrastructures. As a result VirtualWisdom4.1 enables infrastructure managers to quickly address widespread performance management requirements such as workload balancing, event investigation and trend correlation, across the entire IT environment.

For today’s virtualised and private cloud-based IT infrastructure, out-dated tools that only serve to provide a limited and imprecise understanding of the infrastructure, are not enough to guarantee availability, much less actually manage performance. Organisations require the ability to quickly get answers. VirtualWisdom provides IT decision-makers with a definitive understanding of how the applications and infrastructure are performing together. Version 4.1 further enables IT managers to proactively balance the provisioning of applications on virtual machines for maximum application performance with the confidence that systems will not slow down or fail.