Object Storage


The WorkloadWisdom Object Storage performance validation solution provides coverage for three widely supported object storage protocols – Amazon S3, OpenStack Swift, and SNIA CDMI.

The solution is designed to assess the maximum capacity and speed of object storage infrastructures, servers and arrays. WorkloadWisdom emulates up to millions of S3, Swift, and CDMI clients generating highly stressful and realistic requests to the servers. We then measure the performance, scalability, and response times of the servers in handling these requests, and verify the integrity of the stored objects’ contents.

Users have the ability to fine tune the definition of the HTTP request header and request body of each request, as well as content-encoding and transfer-encoding controls, so they can simulate a huge variety of object storage clients.


Save millions of dollars and avert performance risks by testing NAS storage systems

Object Storage Testing Features
  • Pre-built spec-compliant commands for service, bucket / container, and object operations
  • Authentication schemes
  • Create and customize metadata key-value pairs
  • KPI charts to assess throughput, IOPS, response time and scalability of servers
  • Dedicated statistics for each object storage protocol command
  • HTTP layer and TCP layer statistics and error tracking
  • Customizable HTTP Request Header fields, Request Body fields
  • Data content verification

Object Protocols Supported
  • Amazon S3
  • OpenStack Swift
  • HTTP/S

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Object Storage Use Case Info Sheet

“WorkloadWisdom has a unique take on solving some intractable storage problems, while the emergence of flash means there more interest than ever in IOPS comparisons.”

-Tim Stammers, Analyst at the 451 Group