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Virtual Instruments Announces Industry’s First 16G-Capable Wire Data Fibre Channel Performance Probe

Newest probe delivers highest throughput and fastest line-rate support available, further enhancing the analytic capabilities of the VirtualWisdom4 Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) platform

Virtual Instruments, the leading provider of infrastructure performance management (IPM) solutions to enterprises with mission-critical application infrastructures, today announced the release of its 16G-capable Fibre Channel (FC) performance probe, providing IT teams with the critical, precise information they need for analyzing true infrastructure response time. The new probe is the industry’s first and only real-time full 16G line-rate monitoring solution for storage area networks (SANs), analyzing and reporting on hundreds of metrics to provide comprehensive, accurate and vendor agnostic monitoring at the protocol level.

Combined with the VirtualWisdom4 IPM platform, the probe delivers:

  • Performance-based service-level agreement (SLA) management to meet the emerging requirement for increased operational transparency in the private cloud;
  • Detailed application I/O profiling to enable the increasing enterprise shift to workload-centric IT strategies; and
  • Proactive problem identification to guarantee end-to-end infrastructure performance and availability.

“With the introduction of the ProbeFC-16G-24, Virtual Instruments is reinforcing its commitment to supporting the latest in SAN technology,” said Barry Cooks, vice president of engineering at Virtual Instruments. “We developed this solution to keep pace with our customers’ and the market’s requirements for technology investment protection and ongoing support of 16G Fibre Channel as global enterprises begin to upgrade their environments to the latest technology available.”

Virtual Instruments’ hardware-based performance probe family provides a depth and granularity of data unmatched in the industry. The VirtualWisdom4 Applied Analytics module incorporates a built-in understanding of the relationships between infrastructure entities and metrics to generate key insights and answers from IT data. This module correlates and examines the hardware-based probe information alongside the data coming from all other VirtualWisdom4 software probes (VM, Host, Switch and Storage) to offer enterprise IT teams the definitive insights they need to ensure applications and infrastructure perform better together.

The VirtualWisdom4 IPM platform gives IT performance teams the comprehensive visibility into the systemwide functionality they need to transform their IT data into the answers they need to guarantee the highest performance and availability at the lowest cost and risk.

The Performance ProbeFC-16G-24 will be generally available in February 2015. More information, including the full product data sheet, can be found online at

About Virtual Instruments
Virtual Instruments is the leader in Infrastructure Performance Management, delivering solutions that help customers ensure their applications and infrastructure perform better together. The VirtualWisdom platform provides comprehensive visibility into the performance, health and utilization of the IT infrastructure empowering customers to guarantee the performance of their mission-critical applications across physical, virtual and cloud computing environments. With Virtual Instruments’ solutions customers can stop reactive troubleshooting, start managing performance and achieve cost optimization. The company was founded in June 2008 with headquarters in San Jose, Calif. and sales and engineering offices throughout the US, EMEA and Asia Pacific. Virtual Instruments can be found online at