“I want more complexity and cost.”
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VirtualWisdom and WorkloadWisdom:
Accelerate Your IT Intelligence

Application Service Assurance

Ensure application performance and deliver on your SLAs

Performance teams must manage perpetual complexity in their heterogeneous IT infrastructures, and need to measure and ensure application performance. The larger the shared server, network and storage infrastructures, the greater the risk of performance degradation and downtime. With the trends of increasing complexity due to multiple layers of virtualization and the increasingly multi-vendor environments, the risk of applications experiencing a problem is immense.

For infrastructure operations and application managers, VirtualWisdom provides Application Service Assurance through definitive and continuous, real-time wire-data measurement of infrastructure performance, health and utilization across VM, server, network and storage, from the POV of your applications. This enables you to reduce system-wide latency, proactively prevent outages, and dramatically improve resource utilization. VirtualWisdom provides the insight required to define and deliver on true app-centric performance-based SLAs. For storage architects and engineers, WorkloadWisdom enables you to validate storage infrastructure changes before you deploy and to select the best-performing storage platform for your applications.

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Workload & Capacity Optimization

Do more with less. Drive down infrastructure costs.

IT executives are expected to deliver critical projects that transform their business, and do so on time, on budget and with limited resources.

The effort to increase performance while reducing costs has resulted in significantly overprovisioned, yet under-performing infrastructures.  Some level of overprovisioning is not an unreasonable hedge against the limited insight into both workload requirements and the associated application performance requirements, but taken to extremes it tremendously inflates both CAPEX and OPEX.  The sheer size of the environment increases the likelihood of issues and makes it harder to identify and resolve them when they do occur; and the consolidation of multiple application workloads onto the increasingly shared infrastructure increases the impact of problems that arise.

VirtualWisdom gives you the power to balance and tune your infrastructure for optimal performance and cost. You can visualize your entire infrastructure in terms of performance and utilization, from the perspective of your business applications. This, in turn, allows your company to benefit from higher utilization of your existing assets, and appropriately allocate for future consumption based on infrastructure usage pattern analytics. WorkloadWisdom enables you to select the best price/performance technology, product, and configuration for YOUR application workloads, cutting storage costs by 50% of more.

Our customers typically report a 40% reduction in system wide infrastructure cost.

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Problem Resolution & Avoidance

Find & resolve problems before your users even notice.

Today’s users demand access to their mission-critical applications and data anytime, anywhere, and that’s not an easy expectation for IT to meet. Constant technological development— combined with an ongoing explosion of data— require constant updates across all levels of the enterprise. Increasingly, companies are turning to the advances of virtualization, cloud, and software-defined storage technology in an effort to consolidate and save costs. Every change in your infrastructure brings risk that components don’t work together properly, something is misconfigured, or that application workload behavior creates unintended consequences.

VirtualWisdom provides App-to-Storage visibility into a breadth and depth of metrics never before available. The platform captures thousands of metrics at every level of your infrastructure—persisted, correlated, analyzed and visually presented for comprehensive visibility. Proactive problem identification and resolution reduces manual triage and expedites remediation. The result? An ongoing reduction in the number, duration, and impact of issues. In fact, our customers have eliminated Sev 1 outages and report a drastic reduction in all trouble tickets in the first 90 days – up to a 90% reduction in many cases. IT staff productivity is dramatically improved once VirtualWisdom is deployed.

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Radically improving performance for the Global 2000 in every major vertical

Industry-leading companies and government agencies and organizations worldwide trust Virtual Instruments to dramatically increase and guarantee performance and availability across their enterprise while simultaneously eliminating the risks of application downtime. Our customer base includes companies in every major industry and vertical.

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