Figure: LoadWorkloadWisdom Test Development Environment for advanced users.

Figure: WorkloadWisdom Test Development Environment for advanced users.

Create your own protocol tests and workloads with WorkloadWisdom Test Development Environment (TDE).

The TDE is the advanced user interface for the product platforms. The application includes sample tests and wizards and built-in statistics and graphs.

Through the TDE, client and servers can be emulated at scale for HTTP, SMB, NFS, iSCSI, FC, OpenStack Swift and Cinder, Amazon S3 and FCoE protocols.

WorkloadWisdom test suites can also be accessed within the TDE.

Read the infosheet: What’s New: TDE / Workload Generator 6.0


WorkloadWisdom TDE for Tech Vendors

WorkloadWisdom TDE Features

  • Emulate Hosts and Networks with Network Profiles
  • Flexible Test Modeling with Test Scenarios and Control Actions, as shown in this Threads video
  • User Parameter Files and Functions for Realism
  • Per Command and Aggregate Statistics/Graphs
  • Inline Capture Facilities