The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Infrastructure Performance Monitoring & Analytics Platform

App-centric Infrastructure Performance Management

The VirtualWisdom App-centric Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) platform provides real-time and historical insights into the performance, availability, health and utilization of your data center infrastructure–across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. It intelligently collects machine and wire data via agentless software probes and purpose-built hardware devices. Our Applied Analytics transforms the data into actionable insights that can be used to optimize your environment and proactively find and resolve issues before users are affected. VirtualWisdom is the leading real-time, application-centric, vendor-independent, cross-domain performance monitoring and analytics solution in the industry.

Why VirtualWisdom App-centric IPM is Essential for Assuring the Performance of Your Infrastructure

Application Service

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Assure infrastructure performance in support of your key applications

Workload & Capacity Optimization

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Balance and tune infrastructure for optimal performance & cost

Problem Resolution & Avoidance

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Proactively identify and resolve problems before your users even notice

VirtualWisdom Dashboards Keep You in Control

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The fully customizable dashboard offers an intuitive and dynamic, web-based GUI which enables teams in all IT domains to collaborate with confidence, quickly answer questions, resolve issues, and deliver the right information at the right time. Through the dashboard GUI, you can effectively perform comprehensive analysis, collaborate, and make informed decisions based on definitive insights about how applications and infrastructure are performing.

Infrastructure Topology Views Simplify Your Understanding

VirtualWisdom Topology Screenshot

Intelligent Topologies provide a high-level summary of what is going on in your infrastructure, allowing you to quickly identify emergent issues, and enabling you to understand the impacts and interdependencies between application workloads and infrastructure. Sparklines show key trends related to performance, health and utilization, and alarm badges identify if there is a current alarm event related to the entity or one of its sub-components. You can display topologies for any application(s), and app discovery is automated using standard interfaces, including ServiceNow integration, NetFlow analysis, and host integration using SSH or WMI.

VirtualWisdom Analytics: Proactive Performance Resolution

applied analytics

With VirtualWisdom App-centric Analytics, we’ve taken the expertise gained from working with hundreds of enterprise customers and built that wisdom right into the platform. The analysis that used to take experts hours or even days is now executed in seconds – turning data into actionable answers by leveraging self-based learning. Examples are:

  • Understanding problem causality
  • Optimizing infrastructure performance
  • Load balancing across hosts
  • Placing VMs in the optimal clusters

IT Leader Sprint Relies on VirtualWisdom

“With VirtualWisdom in our environment we were able to tune and optimize overall infrastructure performance and improve IO response time by 50%.”

Josh Morton, VP of IT
Enterprise Services

Key Components of the VirtualWisdom App-Centric Infrastructure Performance Management Platform

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VirtualWisdom Platform Overview

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VirtualWisdom Analytics

How VirtualWisdom is Unique

  1. Full stack, application-centric infrastructure monitoring of your datacenter. We help you to understand physical & virtual infrastructure interrelationships, to map applications to the underlying shared infrastructure across servers/VMs, networks and storage. You will know what components of your infrastructure are supporting each of your key applications, including the infrastructure performance, health and resource utilization.
  2. Highly granular, heterogenous, agentless infrastructure monitoring. You can non-intrusively track every transaction and I/O request to see how application behavior and infrastructure changes affect response times – in a completely vendor-independent approach.
  3. Massive ingest capability of both machine and wire data. We uniquely capture continuous, real-time wire and machine data metrics via comprehensive instrumentation across all infrastructure elements with unsurpassed data ingest capabilities, for top infrastructure performance.
  4. Cross-silo correlation and machine-learning-based analytics. VirtualWisdom Analytics correlate and analyze wire and machine data in the context of the application to help you proactively find and resolve performance problems and optimize utilization without your users even knowing.